Vineyard's Children, a novel, 2013

Vineyard's Children Cover Sketch
"In this journal, this capsule to the future, an eleven-year-old boy explains himself and his life—his singular world in which the mundane is amazing and the wondrous, assumed—with a charity and an unblinking honesty we never for a moment doubt. Steve Shilstone, by some trick of magic, endows the reader with the ability to share in these tender confidences. The awareness that the young narrator, John Carter, yearns for is one that we all, in our best hours, seek. Vineyard's Children is, without question, far out to the point of grooviness."

—David Sanders, author of Time in Transit

Vineyard's Children is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or directly from Livingston Press.

Chance, a novel


"An unexpected treat....If you're a devoted reader and a devoted baseball fan, it's going to give you a lot of pleasure."

—Alan Cheuse, "All Things Considered," National Public Radio

"Wondering whether Nabokov might have left any unpublished manuscripts behind...?...It's...very good...full of wit, good humor, and baseball. And if you don't care about the latter, take the advice the book offers in its first paragraph and 'Read it anyway. There's other stuff in it, too.'"

—Allen Barra, The Palm Beach Post

"...sometimes mythic, sometimes happily fraudulent, but always entertaining.... Every moment in this novel is a celebration of language."

—James Kaufmann, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"It's funny. It's odd. It reads like a Kurt Vonnegut rewrite of The Natural".

—Mark Simon, The San Francisco Chronicle

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